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Design Team

Phil Blair - Senior Graphic/Web DesignerPhil Blair - Senior Graphic/Web Designer

Phil is the senior graphic/web designer and team leader. Phil has been a part of the Copyfast team since the beginning of 1998. Phil has an extensive knowledge of all design mediums and is also the Mr Fix it of the office having a complete understanding of all software & equipment.

Personal info

Favourite food: Curry - Any Curry!

Favourite music/band: The Wiggles

Favourite tv show: don't have the time for TV - If I had to pick - The Pacific Series

Favourite movie: Saving Private Ryan

Favourite Copyfast toy: Graphtec Cutter

Hobbies/interests: Cycling, Reading, Art, 3d Models, Woodwork, Sculpting... etc. etc.

Most embarrassing Copyfast moment: Letting the spell checker run rampant over a booklet about Peonies' (Flowers) and having the Latin "Pannis Peonies" become "Penis Peonies" and then supplying the client (Lord and Lady Elworthy) with a printed proof. Doh. fortunately they saw the humour in this and were not offended.

Eamon Haggart - Graphic/Web DesignerEamon Haggart - Senior Graphic/Web Designer

Eamon is also a senior graphic/web designer having been part of the Copyfast team since 2004. Eamon is fully qualified having graduated from Natcoll (now Yoobee School of Design) in 2003 and together with you he strives to achieve unique and original ideas whilst putting a smile on the your face.

Personal info

Favourite food: Roast anything!

Favourite music/band: Chevelle, Foo Fighters, I Am Giant, Birds of Tokyo, too many to name

Favourite tv show: Fringe, Modern Family, The Walking Dead, Homeland, sport

Favourite movie: The Star Wars Hexology, Jaws

Favourite Copyfast toy: My office!

Hobbies/interests: Rugby, F1, Cricket, NFL, Touch, movies, eating

Most embarrassing Copyfast moment: Getting to work only to realise it was a Saturday and we weren't open

Chris - Graphic/Web DesignerChris Stringer - Graphic/Web Designer

Chris has been with Copyfast since August 2011. Qualified in both web and graphic design for 6 years now, Chris brings his enthusiasm and skill set from various other jobs. He gets along great with all customers, and provides them with great eye catching designs. Drop in and have a chat with him with your design requirements, just remember to bring cookies.

Personal info

Favourite food: Lasagna

Favourite music/band: Above & Beyond

Favourite tv show: Dexter

Favourite movie: The Shawshank Redemption

Favourite Copyfast toy: A Pen - I always start the day with 1, yet end up with 6 by the end of the day somehow..

Hobbies/interests: Trekking (biggest hill I can find), anything artistic, computers, photography, saving the world.

Most embarrassing Copyfast moment: Phil's working on it!

Les Stoddart - Graphic/Web DesignerLes Stoddart - Graphic/Web Designer

Les is a recent addition to the team having not long graduated from Aoraki Polytechnic but is keen to work with you to create something unique to help stand out from the crowd.

Personal info

Favourite food: It's a bit of a tie between Mac & Cheese and a Medium Rare Steak

Favourite music/band: Blues, Rock (both classic & modern) so bands like Led Zeppelin, The Black Keys, The Heavy & Stone Temple Pilots feature quite heavily in my playlists at the moment.

Favourite tv show: Hmm. There's a few at the moment. Game of Thrones, Sons of Anarchy, Person of Interest.

Favourite movie: Would probably be the 80's classic Crossroads which stars Ralph Macchio. The soundtrack is awesome & features Ry Cooder & Steve Vai.

Favourite Copyfast toy: My Wacom Tablet.

Hobbies/interests: Music having played guitar for almost 20 years now it's quite cool jamming with mates! Also Skateboarding & hanging out with my dogs.

Most embarrassing Copyfast moment: None as yet but it's still early days.

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